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I have to admit that I skimmed through quite a lot of boring contents. This story is a bit of a mixed bag, and I'll give a few reasons why. The reasons I don't like this novel (there are a few) include:the bullsh*t level system.I mean, every time you level up, you gain 10 points, not so much a problem with that as the fact that the MC gets incredibly random skills, he uses points on worthless skills, he doesn't use points on good abilities until he actually needs them.So whether you're into golden showers, panty wetting, public pissing, desperation and holding, pee drinking, pissing bondage or any kind of peeing urophagia, this is your new favorite site!

Secondly, I must apologise yet again for my dismal failure to maintain my blog.They are told in their own words and are in their original form as submitted by the authors.(Except for a few minor punctuation, grammar and spelling edits, etc.done when necessary for clarity.) They are in date order, with the most recent stories at the top. The bottom section is a collection of stories of harm done to those who have used pornography or prostitution, etc., or who are still using it. pornography addicts and compulsive users, etc.) The top section is for everyone else's stories, such as sex industry survivors, sexual abuse survivors, etc.(Some stories have been put in both categories when appropriate.) You can either click on the title of an individual story in order to read it, or you can just scroll down the page and scan all of the stories.

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My new year's resolution is to do better and now that some of the problems of the last year I behind me I will do my best to bring everyone up to speed with developments.

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