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Being an open source person, I am of the opinion that sharing is virtual always useful (except when it comes to cheese) so I'll document the way I manage updates here.There's a few ways to update Drupal core to a new minor version.

Note: Not mentioned in the video is the fact that in addition to the user 1 account, you can also log in with any account that has the "administer software updates" permission enabled to run the script.If you've installed Drupal from git, you can simply fetch the new tag from the Drupal git repository and then rebase your local Drupal version.Certainly anyone who hates kittens is already doing this, as it allows you to hack core and keep your changes separate and version controlled.The person in question had attempted a Drupal core update via drush, but ran it in the wrong directory.Drupal had picked up this incorrect location for its core modules, so when the drupal-6.22 directory got deleted, it was unable to load any of the core modules. This led me to wondering whether the way I manage my Drupal updates is odd and whether sharing it would be useful.

updating drupal-81updating drupal-3updating drupal-3

Yesterday I installed Open Atrium for the first time.

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