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The dark side of internet dating

One night, Brittny woke up to the sound of Max screaming into her phone.She had fallen asleep, and he was absolutely furious.I have been using online dating services as early as first year college, but never has it found acceptance until today.Back then, it was something to be embarrassed about, akin to having the Scarlet Letter (back then it was two letters and a number: G4M) pinned to one’s chest.Apparently, we Brits are more likely to lie about every category in the survey than our French and German peers, with the exception of income. What’s more worrying, is that a large proportion of British daters have forged far bigger deceits.Nearing half (43%) of people surveyed said they’d met a supposed singleton online only to find out they were in a relationship, and 19% themselves admitted to using online dating to start an affair (Ashley Madison much anyone? A shocking 28% of online daters also said that they’d been victims of catfishing (where someone assumes an identity that is completely different than their own), and 31% said they’d been asked for money or financial help by someone online, a common scam.

“I had butterflies when he was around.” For the first few months, Brittny and Max did all the normal couple stuff—Max even walked Brittny to her classes. After he left, he’d call her while he was driving home, and they’d talk until they went to sleep.

It follows the residents of Sunrise Apartments, and their (mis)adventures on the dating app Swipe, an amalgamation of Tinder and Grindr.

There’s Gloria, a mother who is rediscovering love after meeting a rich businessman.

According to the research 28% of online daters said they’d been been threatened with revenge porn – where blackmailers threaten to make public racy images sent in confidence – and 12% said that they’d had suggestive, nude or semi-nude photographs posted online.

Nick Shaw, General Manager of Norton EMEA advised against sending anything explicit to avoid this.

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