Named slave not updating

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But according to your advice I configured that but it works one way from machine 1 but but machine 2 can not transfer the zone file.

Could someone advice me to fix this [email protected] zone can be transferred from master to change the declarations that which one is zone master and which one is slave?

Why can't named create DDNS journal files or update the master zones from journals? Red Hat Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) policy security protections : Red Hat have adopted the National Security Agency's SELinux security policy ( see ) and recommendations for BIND security , which are more secure than running named in a chroot and make use of the bind-chroot environment unecessary .

By default, named is not allowed by the SELinux policy to write, create or delete any files EXCEPT in these directories: where $ROOTDIR may be set in /etc/sysconfig/named if bind-chroot is installed.

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However, you probably want your stealth slave to be alerted of changes to the zone as quickly as the other slaves for the zone.

This is Plesk internal issue PPPM-1637 , which is planned to be fixed in future Plesk updates.

I have the three slaves registered as a DNS cluster, using webmin.

With the combination of caching software solutions (sssd, nscd, cached zone files, ttl’s, etc), it can make debugging more difficult.

In order to view the raw binary content, it must be converted to text first: It’s an added layer of complexity, but if you need the microscopic performance boost, that’s the way to go.

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The SELinux policy particularly does NOT allow named to modify the $ROOTDIR/var/named directory, the default location for master zone database files.

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