Is katie couric still dating chris botti

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Is katie couric still dating chris botti

Everyone assembled in the New York City photo studio seems stuck in a kind of low-key limbo.The photographer checks lights and chats with an assistant while others sip coffee or browse idly through magazines.After studying music at the prestigious Indiana University under popular jazz educator David Baker, he relocated to New York.In 1990, Chris was asked to join Paul Simon’s band where he remained as a band member for the next five years.The veteran TV personality got engaged to Molner, 54, in September 2013 after nearly two years of dating.

She wears a black linen shirtwaist dress with sweet copper-colored ballet-style shoes.Chris started playing the trumpet at nine-years-old.Chris Botti went to Mount Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon and began performing professionally since his high school days.Suddenly, the room hums with a current of energy, as if someone flipped a huge power switch.Katie Couric walks in briskly, smiling that famous smile, apologizing to all in that familiar, slightly crackly voice.

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