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Examples of David Blaine's exes on this list: Madonna, Josie Maran, Fiona Apple, and many more.

A female who objected got punched in the face by Nev and injured.

These girls know how to give the camera that look that makes you She may have been born in California, but this girl has the exotic good looks of her European heritage (Russian, Polish, German, French, and Dutch).

She was modeling as early as age twelve, and had a contract with Elite by seventeen.

It was especially traumatic because his mother had graduated from the college.

We’re guessing he learned a big lesson because he appears to be quite sensitive in dealing with his Catfish clients.

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I'm expecting him to put out a press release like the Jonas Brothers, saying I too have given out a commitment ring. He is shown as the submarine is getting underway, staring at an aquarium.

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